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Our First Blog

Welcome to our blog! Here we'll try to keep you updated with all the news about our project. Where we're going, what we're planning and

Well now! 2022 was rather splendid after such a long time away.

We got to go back to our favourite place in the whole world, Glastonbury Festival! Back once again in the magical Theatre and Circus Fields doing what we love! Chucking 130 LED hula-hoops on the ground and letting people play with them!

Then it was off to The Secret Garden Party. Our first time and boy was it good! We were part of the parades on both Thursday and Saturday night. On the finale we ended up at the main stage watching London Grammar. It was a very special moment!

On the Friday, we carried out an LED hula-hoop workshop on the main festival field. Tunes were provided by The Parachute Club. Perfect vibes!

Count Bouncy, that bloke in the hat, is currently at Burning Man with Scott from Hyperion Hoops, and they'll be doing a few LED hula-hoop parties out in the deep playa. Keep your eyes peeled for the Electric Mushroom art car and say hi if you see them!

We'll have so very exciting news in a few weeks when he's back. Stay tuned!

Already looking forward to 2023! Bring it on!

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